Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

Offseason 2010 - Well, not really ;)

It has been been a longer while since I updated my blog last time.
The offseason is just finished and during the last few months I have been working not only to improove my physique but also to develop new relations in the fitness industry. The next contest shall be the LA Flex Pro but first of all, I would like to give you a short summary of what happened in the last few months:

It started in April with an successful event promoting "Tuff Stuff Fitness Equipment" on Fibo at the "Koloseum-Camp" (

Right afterwards, i visited Italy, Bulgaria and Malta for Seminars and was allowed to meet many fans and great personalities of Bodybuilding.

The next big event have been the Jiyuu Events in Los Angeles, where my dear friend and businesspartner Eli Dafesh and his son Wadia invited me to be part of the Enagic Team, to spread the world of the great benefits that Kangen Water can bring to anyone of us.

I have to admit, that because of all these projects and travelling, i never really been able to have a heavy offseason, but nontheless there will be significant imprroovments next year, when entering the LA Pro stage.

Right now I am preparing for some photoshoots in Las Vegas and LA in the weeks around the Mr Olympia and besides I am finishing another big project, which is my first own Bodybuilding DVD. Filmed in over five years and produced by legendary GMV Productions, it is a great feeling to look back on this epic documentary, following my career from all the start in 2005 until the first professional contest in 2010.

Finally you can also see the fruits of the hard work that has been done in spring and slowly the pictures of my over 20 photoshoots in the USA get released in spreads and Cover of Americas most popular Fitness Magazines.

I will definately not slow down and I am very excited for the projects in the soon future.

If you visit the Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas on September 25/26, you are very welcome to stop by at the "Smartshake" booth to meet me in person and get my DVD on Presale for a special price.

Because of the great feedback of my fans, I will also continue the "BIGDANHILL Diaries" on my Youtube Channel and

But also for Europeans and my dear fans and friends in my homecountry I will be available to meet this year and so I decided to promote a seminar tour together with Quincy Taylor when releasing my DVD in November, visiting Germany, Finland, Sweden and some other countries to be announced yet.

Keep following my blog, train hard and stay fit & healthy.