Samstag, 6. August 2011

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him - David Brinkley

The offseason finally starts to be in its peak and besides the stress of starting a few new business ventures training begins to get better and heavier day by day.

Just before my travel to the USA in July I was signing to deals with new sponsors.
First of all I signed with Conower Beef Jerky. A Premium quality Beef Jerky Product from Germany supporting my travels and lifestyle enormously. For every athlete I can only recommend to either carry some safety portions of protein shakes with you or another high Protein Snack such as Beef Jerky.

Right after I got endorsed by GSI and their newest Shaker innovation “Spider Bottle”.
A new revolution of shakers has started and after meeting and testing the product for over a month, it was a huge honour to become the new spokesmodel of their team.

In the USA my trainer and mentor Gunter Schlierkamp supported me greatly in every workout session. Besides filming Videos every week for our Projects “Road to success” and of course, he taught me many tricks he learned in his own Pro career.
With the help of Multipowers Pre-Workout Booster No-Xtreme, I came back again to my almost highest strength levels and squatted and deadlifted 660lbs for a couple of reps each.
The sky is the limit and not even the will be accepted as a limitation.
It is going better and better and the fire is burning in my hands to tackle the next workouts.

After my photoshoot in spring with Larissa Reis, Larissa and I met up during my last Vegas trip and we talked about some great ideas and plans for the future. I am more than happy to be soon working more closely with an inspiring and amazing personality and friend in the fitness scene.

Mr. Olympia is standing right in front of the door and before September, I will focus on the opening of my first Store and German Headquarter “RTS-Fitness”, where we will also take you to the “Road To Success”