Samstag, 30. April 2011

Getting on the right track - ROAD TO SUCCESS

Two weeks before the first contest of the year, the filming crew of arrived in Los Angeles to produce my 2nd DVD project, Dans Diary - Living the Dream.

One on one and day by day you can see the truth about the 2 weeks before a Professional Bodybuilding event and what it takes to be professional.

Almost without any sleep, daily photoshoots and negotiations with new sponsors, I managed to place respectable on a 13th place on LA FLEX PRO. I was really satisfied with my showing and placing ahead of former World Games Winners, it was truly satisfying in my eyes. The business and creating a financial fundament to support my future career was my main focus since more than half a year already.

Thinking about reducing the stress afterwards and improoving the condition to Australia was disturbed by unique opportunities I simply had to take at my early point of the career.
I continued putting on more and more work on my plate and I kept training alive to the level as much as my body allowed it. I came in a lot leaner but also had some size deficits compared to FLEX PRO the weeks before. I stepped on stage regardless, being sure of having done my best every day.

Sometimes you have to forget about your ego and you need to think about the future. Ego in general is the cause for almost any trouble we get in to in life and so I focused on the doors that opened for me.
Through my new premium Sponsor "MULTIPOWER PROFESSIONAL", the leader of Sports Supplements in whole Europe, I got connected to Gunter Schlierkamp afterwards.

We are the new faces of the Bodybuilding product line and knowing Gunter as a role model and admiring his positive aura for years already when meeting him in person, it was like meant to be when we connected instantly at our first meetings and found ways to connect our careers, business and plans right away. We share almost every principle, share the same attitudes and the way Gunter already went in his life, is the Road I want to take.
I am on the Road to success and with a coach and mentor for life and Bodybuilding like Gunter, there is no chance to fail.

I feel stronger than ever, happier than ever and every day is a gift and a glimpse of a dream right now.
At the FIBO in Germany the first anoucement of our cooperation was made and the ROAD TO SUCCESS has officcially started right in the same time we are launching WWW.BIGDANHILL.TV