Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

Week 27 (3 weeks to go) Leaving to the USA

Suddenly the date of the show gets closer and I see the end of the tunnel.
Most of my photo shoots and appointments are fixed and I can leave with the good
feeling to present myself in America in my best possible shape.
I worked hard for every tiny success so far and yet I don't know how rich the harvest will be.

Most of all it is exciting to experience a whole new episode of my life and I am blessed to have
the chance of working with the best photographers of the scene and competing with the idols of the sport of bodybuilding.
At 23 years I achieved already, what seems to be impossible for so many others and it is a great feeling to have prooven all the
sceptic people wrong. I made it to the Pros and my journey has just begun.

As planned by my trainer Francisco Guerrero we are almost ready to go on stage and just because of the stressful flight and travelling this week,
we kept a little extra pounds.
Basicly I could get ready for the stage within a few days, but it makes no sense to take a risk of overdieting.
Though I am feeling tired and of course some days I cannot even stand seeing myself in the mirror, but this is the moment when the mentally strong have the chance to proove their inner strengh.
Athletes with a weaker mind start to mess things up, start to do unlogical things in order to get better in the last weeks, but in most cases they destroy everything.
Every day I keep telling me, that I am going through a process and on the contest day, everything will be alright.

I am proud to announce my new website: (coming very soon)

You will find a new video of my journey every few days there and I want you to be part of the first almost "Live-Documentary" in the world of real PRO Bodybilding.
Enjoy the movies and maybe it will motivate some of you to also take their courage and live their dreams.
Everything is possible !!!

See you in Phoenix


Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010

Week 24 (6 weeks to go)

It has been a while since I was posting my last entry on my blog.
The reason I was not writing anymore is simply that my trip to the USA gets closer every day and I can almost count the hours until my flight will leave from Frankfurt to my favourite country. There are so many things to do right now. It starts with practising posing even harder from now on, making appointments for the photo shoots and making the final bookings for hotels, rental cars and flights. All this needs to be planned as perfect as possible, so it will not negatively influence my diet routine when I am finally there. If you fail to plan ahead, it will cause a lot of extra-stress and this would be the worst nightmare for the last days.

Nonetheless everything is going better than expected. I dropped a little bit of weight in the last weeks and so I am staying around 260 lbs by now. I believe this happened by switching from chicken to fish as my main protein source.

I realize that my energy levels are really low. After my morning cardio and posing session I first of all need at least 1.5 hours of sleep before I can really start into my day. I am getting tired really fast but the same time I cannot sleep in the nights. At some days I am even a bit afraid of the night, by knowing that I won’t sleep well for sure. Those are the worst nights. Staying in bed hungry, unable to sleep and fighting against the doubts in your mind.
This is a major fight which has started now as well. The battle of yourself against your mind. When looking at yourself in the mirror the mind will give you a wrong picture of your progress. You don’t see how your shape gets better and you just see that you are getting smaller when loosing the weight. Still you have to go your way, to keep your diet and to continue with what you were doing. Otherwise you won’t be looking good on stage.

It is just about 6 weeks until my Pro debut now. The moment I was fighting for since more than 2 years. It feels unreal to be close to this point and at the same time I already feel like a winner. I have to push my limits for only a few days more. At this point of the diet it is all about your mental strength. Your body is already exhausted. You cannot expect it to reach perfection if there is not a strong force from behind. This force can be only created by your thoughts and goals. You must be driven to do this by your very own skills of staying focused and motivated. Nobody will go this way for you. Every great success demands sacrifice before. I already demanded total dedication from myself for over two years now and I got it in my own hands to create a satisfying result or to disappoint not only my friends, family and fans but most of all ME !!!
Failure is not an option and in the next few weeks I have the chance to achieve something extraordinary. Something I can be proud of forever.