Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010

Happy New Year 2011 - Are you ready ?

The year 2010 is coming to an end and it was definately my biggest year so far.

Having had a great Mr.Olympia weekend and the release of my DVD “Journey to the Top of the Hill”, I also had the chance to meet many new friends business partners in all areas. I was blessed to work with photographers like Ian Sitren, Mike Neveux, Angelo Rose, Jason Breeze, Mike Yurkovic and many more in just one week.

Coming back to Europe in November, my good friend Quincy Taylor visited my hometown and we started to take over Europe with seminars, guest appearances and promoting our DVDs.

I spend a great time travelling with Quincy and enjoyed a lot the stories of a legend in the industry. There will be a DVD very soon, that will show impression of this amazing tour.

Quincy's knowledge, combined with my "European way of Bodybuilding" trainning principles, showing different parts of Europe and a full body workout, will make this DVD a great learning experience for every aspiring Bodybuilder.

November also brought two other big steps for my career.

First of all I signed with my new clothing sponsor GORILLA WEAR and I am proud to be the front athlete of such a world famous brand in the Fitness-clothing industry.

On top of this and after my second cover this year on IRONMAN MAGAZINE,

John Schiek, the owner of the company which is producing the best lifting belts, gloves and straps, contacted me and very quickly we found an agreement for a long term cooperation.

Escaping from the winter in Germany I went back to LA and besides spending great time with my friends over there, I started working again on photoshoots.

In just 8 days I worked on 7 shoots including MuscleMag photographer Michael Butler, Ian Sitren and again my good friend Angelo Rose.

I was supported by Angela Segovia who came from Austin, Texas and who enriched my shoots not only with her stunning beauty but also by her amazing spirit and personality.

Enjoying every moment of my life and the opportunities Bodybuilding brought to me, I had to realize, that life can be over in a heartbeat and sometimes you need to slow down a little, even if all the stress you create for yourself might be of a positive nature.

Driving from LA to Vegas I ended up in a car accident and only luck was saving me from greater damage. In fact I wasn’t injured at all, but if the car would have left the freeway in a different way, it would have been only a matter of physics, that the car might roll over and would have been landing in a big hole next to street.

We are only human and sometimes we need to listen more on our body. Not everyone is as lucky as me to get such a “wake-up call”

Coming back to Germany I was guest posing at a store opening and right afterwards enjoyed family time at home, with my parents, grandparents and my only aunt.

It is time to go back to America now for an even greater year 2011.

Having had 35 Photoshoots, 2 Covers, 2 new endorsement contracts, my DVD release and Pro debut in Phoenix is its hard to beat… but the goals are much higher not only in business.

In Spring 2011 I will work at FitExpo in LA, compete at LA FLEX PRO, being working at the Arnold EXPO, competing at Mr.Europe Pro in Spain, competing at the FIBO PRO in Germany and possibly giving a few seminars and guest appearances right after the contest season.

Make sure to take a look at my new website: www.bigdanhill.tv

Besides the shop, where you will be able to purchase DVDs, autographs and Online Consulting for Diet and Nutrition, there will be also the huge members section that will be the first ever documentary of the PRO Bodybuilding reality. Weekly new clips, show the all sides of the business and additionally to tons of pictures and training footage, you will get a deep insight look to the industry itself.

I am wishing everyone a successful and happy 2011 and the strength to keep all your dreams alive. It is all about dreams and there is no reason why they shouldn’t come true.


Daniel Hill