Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

The first month of 2011 has passed already and the year started amazing in many ways.
I spend my New Years Eve in Austin, Texas and made many new friends over there besides having two solid weeks of dieting and filming footage for my members section on my website www.bigdanhill.tv

In the middle of January my Shooting marathon started and for the first photoshoot of the year I had the great opportunity to travel to Miami, Florida and shoot with Ulrich Oehmen for muscle-gallery.com

Just as in 2007 when we took amazing shoots in Brazil, working with Ulrich was a great pleasure and I am excited to present the results of 2 shooting days on bigdanhill.tv and on muscle-gallery.com

Going to Los Angeles my schedule became even busier.
I am blessed to announce my cooperation with Chanson Water who became another sponsor of my Pro career. I am happy to get this support after I used alkaline Water for almost 2 years already.

The following week I had another two photoshoots coming up.
Shooting with the legendary Robert Reiff for MuscleMag and directed by famous fitness writer Jimmy Pena at Venice Golds... how can it be any better ?
Watch out for the upcoming MuscleMag issues for a great series of articles.

The next photoshoot took place at Dave Fisher's Powerhouse Gym in Torrance with Angelo Rose who became one of my dearest friends in the past year. It is amazing when you connect to great personalities through work and they also enrich your private life beyond limits.

The same day Bill Comstock filmed my workout and having Bill behind the camera is possibly as good as it can be. His experience thorughout so many years of filming athletes is simply irreplaceable.

When Dave Palumbo came visiting for the upcoming Fitness Expo to make reports for RX-MUSCLE.com he also invited me to shoot and I am looking forward to see the video we shoot and the interview in the soon future.

The Fitness Expo at the LA Convention Center turned into a huge success.
Having the honour representing IRONMAN Magazine booth, it was an amazing experience to meet the American fans. It is a simply good feeling to see that more and more people recognize you, stop by and take pictures or buy DVDs of you.
Having worked really hard last year, it showed to me that the results are outstanding and it was more than worth it.

All this is still nothing compared to how great the last week has been.
I got 3 major magazine features confirmed for next month issues of various international magazines. This month I am on the cover of IRONMAN Magazine in Italy, Australia and Japan.
I had the great pleasure to sign an endorsement contract with Chanson Water and right afterwards the honour to sign another major endorsement contract with a supplement company.
Again I was allowed to do what I like the most and that is standing in front of the camera.
I simply enjoy having photoshoots and when the legend of physique photography himself, Bill Dobbins, called me the best Bodybuilder in my age since Lee Priest, it is simply unbelievable...

Ralph Dehaan did another great job in his photostudio and together with Erika Thompson I had more fun during a photosession than ever.

I am getting ready for the final 2 weeks of my preparation and knowing how many exciting things are coming up, I am getting up every morning with a smile on my face.
Many times when I wake up at night, I can barely wait for the days to start.
Life is good to me right now and I am blessed to live my life on my own terms doing exactly what I want to do.

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    Yet, considering his young age, it's his potential, and his coming achievements, that will prove to be his best.