Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

Destination IRONMAN PRO

After a long and productive offseason I finally started my first preparation for my professional debut. I trained as heavy as never before in this time and my body responded well on the 18 months of hardcore offseason. In summer 2008 I already reached my all-time highest weight which was 285 lbs and the more time I spent on building up more muscles, the more my shape improoved while the weight was staying on the same level. My training weigths also were rising constantly and all in all I can be really happy about how the things went.

Still the last year was also one of the hardest times in my career. After winning my Pro card so early, there was a lot of controversary about my Pro licence. Many people was putting me down and at some point you start to doubt on yourself. I think many young people in my age wouldn't have been able to get through these hard times. The most teenagers are not strong enough in their attitudes and opinions when they face negative talk. Still I never gave up. I knew that I have my goals and no matter what happens I would go until the bitter end (Maybe its German characteristics).
I am proud that I was never let somebody influence myself and I can only advice all the talented young Bodybuilders out there to always believe in themselves. Everybody can train, everybody can eat well, but the toughest fight is the one you will have in your mind and I believe that the athlete with the strongest mental power will be always the victorious one.

The fight is not over and I am still fighting my battle, but I came to the point where I am telling myself, that I will proof all the negative people wrong and I will show everyone who I really am.

In the whole offseason I seen many bad things in the sport of bodybuilding and only a few good ones. I realized myself how difficult it is to find reliable partners, to find friends and people around you who will not let you down. I had trouble with sponsors who didn't keep the contracts, I was looking desperately for support in Germany and until now I am still fighting completely on my own. Well, not completly. I have my wonderful parents who always encouraged my plans, I found my lovely girlfriend in the time I felt completely alone and a few friends who will never let me down for sure. I learned that to reach my goals I only need those few people who really understand me and will stay loyal to me no matter what happens. It has to be a working system and as long as they are with you, you don't have to care about some negativity on Internet-boards written by nobodys.

I am looking optimistic to the upcoming diet now. I worked hard and only a few things could have been better so far. Now it is time to get peeled.
I was 225lbs when turning Pro in December 2007 and in January 2010 I should be able to get solid 245-250 lbs on stage.

Who knows what the future might bring to us, but if there is something that I can lead into a positive direction I will take my chance.
It is important to have goals and many people are writing me mails what those goals are for me...
First of all I can always answer this question with one ultimate goal. I learned this from my good friend Ed Connors:

I want to make a good living from Bodybuilding

There is more than winning contests for me. For sure its nice to be a winner and for sure I dream of a victory some day. But basicly I have a passion for a wonderful sport and I am allowed to live this lifestyle professionally. If there will be the day, that myself, my loving wife and maybe my future children can live happily because of my achievements in Bodybuilding, I guess I would be the happiest person on earth.

But I know that basicly everyone wants to hear closer goals when asking this question and so I also want to publish my goals for this diet:

- As it will be my Pro debut I hope I can place somewhere in the Top 15, whereas a placing in the Top 10 would be a dream for a 23-year old Bodybuilding-Baby like me
- I want to work with the best photographers of the scene and get my name out in the USA and of course I also hope to find a good supplement company believing in my career and supporting the realization of my dream. If this would happen I would move to the USA permanently and for this I am waiting since I started Bodybuilding ;)

But lets stop the talking now and start with the facts.
I hope you will enjoy my journey to the Pro stage !!!


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