Freitag, 31. Juli 2009

Week 1 & 2 (25 weeks to go)

Two weeks of my diet have passed already.
For the beginning I still eat 800g of Carbohydrates and 350g of Proteins. I will keep this ammount until I see that there are no changes anymore. I don't think I have to go much lower to loose most of the fat and as soon as possible I will raise the carbs again.

The weight was going down to 265lbs immediately after a few days, but then came back to 270 lbs
I see the first little results and and my overall feeling is getting much better. I am not that tired anymore like I used to be in offseason and somehow even the loss of water helps me to train a little bit heavier now.

Cravings - well, not at this point of my diet. This period is probably the best of the whole preparation. I can still train very heavy, maybe even get stronger a bit and besides I am not hungry or feeling powerless.

I am getting into my routine again. Every day is almost the same than the day before or the day after. On the one side this is something which is struggeling in your mind, but at the same time it's the best thing to do for an athlete.

My rest day was not the usual routine of course, but I cannot even say that I was recovering.
After having some check on my car I maybe have to fix a huge problem and so I am looking for alternatives right now, as I am not sure if I am gonna really do that. Somehow it goes always like this. All the week you try to reach this one free day but normally you have to do so many things like going food-shopping, taking care of the house or doing other things for your normal life, so you don't feel recovered at all.

Today I will have another leg training. Last week I was able to do Front Squats with 450lbs for 14 reps, so today I change my first exercise and probably go for Hack Squats. I like this day. You can never reach such levels of intensity except on the leg day. Eating my meals will get really heavy afterwards but I am always looking forward on this day. Usually this is the day when I loose my 1lbs every week.

I can tell myself every day that I am getting ready for a Pro show now. This has nothing to do with a hobby anymore. The better I train and the better I present, the better my life can be in the future.

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