Sonntag, 9. August 2009

Week 3 ( 24 weeks to go )

Another week of my diet is over and it is working better than expected.
I keep my carbohydrates very high and still there is an improovement of my shape every week.
I even get stronger in many excercises and the motivation is rising the better I look.
On some days I have no hunger at all. Only at the three most stressful days I have problems to sleep because of the hunger. But those are the days making me better and I really feel how they boost my metabolism.

In the beginning of the week, Germany's famous Physique Photographer Reiner Dahms ( was taking the first shooting at all in my preparation. We was not expect too many good shoots as I was just on diet for two weeks, but him and even myself, we were really satisfied about the results of our shooting.
Another motivating moment in a long contest diet and after such an event you are much more determinded to give your best.

I started to make my schedule for the week in Las Vegas around the Olympia. Besides preparing my meals and having my two gym sessions, this is the most occupying project for now.
Writing emails and waiting for answers can be really stressful sometimes.
Anyways I am looking forward to my scheduled shootings and videos and of course the Mr.O Expo to meet many friends again.

In the end of the week I was having a problem with my knee when training Quads.
On repetition 13, while doing Front Squats with 450lbs, I heard a strange sound in my knee and afterwards the pain was brutal. I am still proud that I wasn't give up my training session and after two very soft exercises, I was able to do 450lbs Reverse Hacksquats and afterwards Lunges again.
Still my knee is hurting but now I know that I just have to lower the weights a bit.
I don't have enough water in my body anymore and so the joints are more sensitive.

Let's start into the next week...

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