Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2009

Week 11 (16 weeks to go)

LAS VEGAS Mr.Olympia weekend

Arriving in Vegas the travel started really bad.
Not only that my connecting flight from Charlotte was 2 hours late, I also had a problem receiving my rental car. Somehow they didn't find my reservation and so
I spend 2 more hours at the rental car station.
Even before checking in into the Orleans Hotel, my first stop was the closest Wal Mart.I needed fresh meat and of course rice.
As I stayed in a hotel without kitchen, I had no chance to
prepare some vegetables. So I bought a lot of Sodium reduced V8 juice.
Finally I was able to go to bed at 3.30am in the morning after just 30 hours of travelling.

The following days started slowly. I needed to recover from the flight and
so I did't make any appointments on the first days.
It all started on Monday when I filmed some parts for my DVD with Wayne Gallasch and GMV. I was really happy about the results and luckily the dry air of Vegas made me loose some water.
It was followed by many projects for other websites, like Muscular Development "In The Trenches" or even Magazine Photoshoots with famous photographers. I need to say thank you to all those video- and photographers, who were interested to shoot me even in this early phase of my diet.

The Olympia weekend itself turned out to be a huge success as well. Besides meeting photographers, and fixing photoshootigs in January, I am also pretty optimistic that there might be a future sponsorship of an US company very soon.
It is hard to get your name out in the US, but maybe this travel was kind of a breakthrough for myself.

Already I have some new projects in America next month. I know that the travelling will be very stressful again, but I simply feel, that America is THE place for my future. I can train better, feel better and the whole atmosphere is much more positive to me. Maybe I still would have decided to stay in Germany and not travelled to the US before the Ironman again if I didn't meet Tonya. But we had an instant connection and meeting her made my days. She is beautiful inside and out. When she finally said, that I am invited to visit again, there was no question at all for me anymore if it would be good or not to go back to the Staates.
Next week I will fly back to Vegas and even if I am very exhausted from the jet lag, I keep smiling every moment in these days.
I am very blessed how everything developed and I am looking forward to every new day of my diet.

I hope you will enjoy my small video-diary of my days aroud the Olympia.
I had a great time and I am so grateful having met so many good people for my life.
It was the best thing that can happen to you as a Pro Bodybuilder.
I travelled to Vegas for business, but it changed my life very positve in every sigle way. Jobwise and privately.
I can say for sure that I am one step closer to my goal now: "Living a good life because of Bodybuilding"

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