Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009

Week 12 (15 weeks to go)

After coming back to Germany my first goal was to return to my daily routine again.
The flight back to Germany was really hard and the jet lag you get flying east is horrible. The first two days I really had to force myself to keep my workouts on an high intensity level and at the same time I needed to write tons of emails after having had many successful meetings in Las Vegas.

Because of all this stress my body went down to 260 lbs for a short time.
So my trainer Francisco Guerrero decided that I am allowed to have my first cheat day after 12 weeks of dieting and I spent a great evening having as much Sushi as I was able to eat.

The following day my next photoshooting was scheduled and receiving so many positve answers from the USA, I decided to come back to Las Vegas this week.
My bodyweigt is finally again at 265 lbs an my shape is getting better week by week.

I am really looking forward to the next weeks. I am very grateful having met so many great personalities in the last weeks. Starting by all the photographers I will have the honour to work with and most of all my girl Tonya who is making me smile inside and out all the time in these days.

I feel so much better in the USA and I simply know that this is the place to be for my future.

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