Freitag, 27. November 2009

Week 18 (12 weeks to go) AGAIN !!!!

Being completely right on track with my schedule, a few days ago I read the sad news about the IRONMAN 2010. It is really sad that such an event has to be cancelled and especially in the MECCA of Bodybuilding I would have never expected that. I focused my offseason and whole diet completely on this day and I can honestly say, that every time I walked into a gym, my inner voice was telling me: YOU WANT TO GO TO THE IRONMAN! SO DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO AND TRAIN !

After a little moment being totally confused, I refocused myself and so I keep looking forward to my new goals. Like it is always, when one door is closing many others do open for you.
I still hope the Ironman will be re-scheduled in February between the Phoenix Pro and Arnold Classics, but I am not really optimistic about it. But nonetheless there is the Phoenix PRO for sure.
One day before my birthday it is a great timing to have my Pro debut.

As my DVD is also a big issue for me and I am totally convinced it will be a really great one, I will moreover compete at the Melbourne Pro in the middle of March. Wayne Gallasch is of course filming there and so we can also add some footage of my Australia trip. This week I finally booked all my flights and now it is again my turn to improove as much as I can until those big days for me.

The diet is going great and in the last month I did not loose a single pound whereas my shape improoved dramatically. It is just going perfect so far and I am doing my very best every day.
Somehow it seems to me like the Pro card is giving me some wings. The diet goes more easy than usual and I have not a single moment when I loose my focus or my motivation.
Combined with the great results I see at my photoshoots and the motivational emails I receive every day, I am staying in a totally positive mood.

Maybe its also the new system of my trainer who is tormenting me mercilessly by eating SUHSI right in front of my nose.

I am also very pleased that I can post another link to a new training video, published at
Thanks to Adam for this, who filmed my Shoulder Workout, after a really stressful photoshoot and Expo day, in Las Vegas at the Mr.Olympia two months ago.

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