Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

Week 20 (10 weeks to go)

Two weeks have passed again and time is running. I keep myself really busy these days with photo shootings and filming footage for my DVD. Day by day I practise my Posing routine, besides my two training sessions and every day I feel completely exhausted in the evening, but at the same time completely proud of myself having accomplished another big step on my way to the Pro debut. I feel tired and great. It is hard to explain, but the more I work and the more I feel the progress, the more excited I get, regardless if the cravings are getting stronger or the energy level is quite low.

In the morning I feel really bad usually. I can hardly sleep and usually I only sleep 4-6 hours during the night. I run into the gym as soon as possible to get my metabolism accelerated again. Just in order to be on track with my meal schedule. During the day the business of Pro Bodybuilding continues. Emails without end reach me these days and I need to make phone calls every day to realize all the plans and appointments I have scheduled so far and of course I also spend some time to answer emails of other athletes. I prefer to call them athletes instead of fans because basicly I still feel like the little boy that I have been a few years ago, who just loves the sport of Bodybuilding and not yet really like a Pro Bodybuilder who is officially one of the best in the world. Thinking about this motivates me again to give my best and my very best only.

I just returned from an amazing Photo Shooting in Finland this week and I am really proud to show some impressions again. Moreover there will be a Training series published in some Magazines and Websites. Keep looking forward to it and enjoy the great Photowork of Mike Siren. I consider these pictures as true art.
We had lots of fun at the shooting, I am really honoured to work with him and of course I am more than glad to receive such great pictures already, more than 10 weeks out of the show.

Keep looking out for more and check out regularly for more articles…

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