Samstag, 19. Dezember 2009

Week 21 (9 weeks to go) Merry Christmas !!!

First of all I would like to say thank you to all my fans and friends who are writing me Christmas letters and those wonderful wishes for 2010.
2009 was a great year for me already and I can honestly say, that I never enjoyed that much being a professional Bodybuilder like in the last few months.
Looking forward to 2010, I know it will become an even more successful and better year for me. I met so many great people this year who taught me to be more positive, to use this mental energy for reaching my goals and who showed me what it means to be strong. I still need to become a lot stronger in so many ways, but even this process is somehow quite magnificent. I learned again to enjoy the small things of life and at this moment I can say that I even enjoy the daily “boring” routine of doing cardio or preparing the same meals again and again. It became a pleasure again to do every single step into the direction of my Pro debut.

Almost half a year has passed already since I started dieting and still I am at 270lbs.
I didn’t expect to be in such a good condition already with this relatively high bodyweight, but basicly it shows to me that I did everything right so far. Day by day it is getting harder now but day by day I also start to motivate myself more and more.

Last week I also had another great photo shooting with my good friend Reiner Dahms.
Actually the first photographer who ever took pictures of me (in 2006) and so we have a long history of our photo sessions already.

I hope you will also follow my journey in 2010 and before I wish some happy holidays to everyone. Stay positive and realize your dreams !

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