Montag, 8. Februar 2010

Week 28 ( 2 weeks to go)

The first week in the USA is over already and it feels more like a month.
Not because the diet seems to take no ending which is also the case, but mainly because so many exciting things were happening.

After my first visit back in Koloseum in Fullerton, Milos Sarcev and I decided to start a cooperation and after just half a week the changes are phenomenal. Milos is supporting me with all his heart right now and having such a great personality and legend in the sport of bodybuilding directly behind my back is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

I am two weeks out of my Pro debut and I am right on track. Considering that Milos takes care of my diet and training now, I am convinced to show my all time best at Phoenix.
I am almost sure I will be able to surprise myself. Or possibly you couls say, Milos will be able to surprise me...

Two more weeks of hard work and dedication will follow and you can be part of it on my video diary:

Enjoy my trip and if there is one thing I want to proof with it, it is that the power of the mind can push us over all limitations and make the impossible things become reality. This power is in everyone of us.
I had to face negativitiy for years, but now you can see, that no matter what others might say, I am able to live my dream !!!

And so can you !!!

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