Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010


The Pro Debut is successfuly made and after a busy weekend and still being completely busy working on the photoshoots around it, I finally find some time to write down my personal impressions and experiences.

It was all in all a great weekend with great friends and fans around me and it couldn't have been a better time to celebrate my Birthday as well.

Of course I will try to compete even more successfully in the future and maybe place higher very soon. But the feedback of the big stars, judges and photographers of the scene besides all my loyal fans was already overwhelming and that is what really matters to me.
I achieved my goals, proofed everyone that I am already competitive in the Pro levels and I established new contacts for my future projects in the fitness industry.

I need to thank all those wonderful people and friends around me, especially my parents and coaches who made all this possible and just give them the credit they deserve.

Without you I could have never been here already !!!

Now its time to get refocused again. Having some awesome photoshoots and
to look forward to the new goals and to take care of business.
Australia is coming very soon and before I am looking forward to meet you at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio !

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